Preliminary Report from Bolpur APDR custodial death of Raju Thandar in Bolpur P.S


Preliminary Report from Bolpur APDR on thr custodial death of Raju Thandar in Bolpur P.S.


Raju Thandar a poor daily wage-earner residing in Darjipatti, very close to Bolpur P.S. Was taken up by police of Bolpur P.S. on 11.08.2016 at around 1.30 pm from his house as suspect in a petty theft case. He was not produced in court the next day. His wife went to the Thana but was not allowed to see him. According to his mother he was brought home after midnight on 13.08.2016 for a brief period. On the next day 14.08.2016 the family got information that he is dead and post-mortem was already done. APDR team led by Sailen Mishra visited the family as sopn as the news came out. Its one if the most impoverished locality where mainly dalits and muslims reside. Agitated people went to the thana and police fired rubbet bullets and tear gas to disperse them. Four women got injured and had to be admitted in the hospital. APDR organised a protest meeting in Bolpir chowrasta which was well attended. APDR has also given a memorandum to the SDPO demanding judicial enquiry, compensation for the family and full support for the child’s education.

From Manisha Meghna  Fri 8/19/2016 12:45 AM