In the wake of all party talks on the Gorkhaland Issue


In the wake of all party talks on the Gorkhaland Issue, APDR has sent the following message to the Chief Minister at 2 PM today (29 Aug 2017) :
The true hallmark of democracy lies in commitments to justice, honest self-appraisal and action- any dialogue to settle current Darjeeling unrest should bear this mark while a return to points of conflicts there at ground situation before June 5, 2017 is necessary indeed. The government should first relent as it’s the most powerful actor amongst all other stake holders in the current conflict and primarily responsible to set the stage for its peaceful resolution along taking the following steps: Judicial Inquiry into incidents of deaths of civilians, Withdrawing all criminal cases incidental to current agitation, Adequate compensation to victims’ families and restore other rights that were suspended. The government, Apdr expects, will show its respect for Hill People’s aspirations and practical needs of democracy in its talks with Hill leaders without being egoistic. A political solution is very much attainable today if the government doesn’t look through the eyes of the police. Let the dialogue be successful.
Dhiraj Sengupta
General Secretary
Tuesday, August 29, 2017